Tuesday Aug 17th, 2021


Moving can be hard on the whole family -- fur family included! As some know Laura is total dog and cat lover, so here are a few tips that Laura suggests to help your four-legged friends through your next move: 

šŸ¶ Get your pet used to moving supplies. If your cat or small dog will be riding in a carrier to your destination, leave the carrier out in the living room with a favorite toy or a treats a few weeks before the move. 

šŸ± For a local move, find a trusted pet sitter on moving day. You'll be more productive without having an anxious pup or cat underfoot. 

šŸ¶ If your move requires air travel with your pet, be sure that veterinary records are all up-to-date. 

šŸ± If your move is local, take your dog on frequent walks in the new neighborhood to get him used to the sights and smells, 

šŸ¶ When you get to your destination, update your pet's microchip at the vet with your new address and be sure that your contact information is correct. If you have questions about moving with pets, feel free to contact at us at anytime and we would be happy to help

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